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Get paid for your unwanted gold, silver, diamonds, coins, timepieces and


LUCKY DIAMONDS & CASH FOR GOLD , isn't pawn shop or jeweler ,but we are licensed gold and diamond buyer.and since we are dealing directly with the smelter and manufactures , that's why we pay more than any one-UP TO 20% more than other gold will get paid more ,when you sell your gold and diamonds to lucky diamonds and cash for gold .Most trusted gold buyer .

What Do We Do?
We understand that our customers want to receive as much cash as possible from the sale. We make this entire process fast and easy to help you meet this goal. Our Lucky Diamonds & Cash 4 Gold store specializes in buying gold, platinum silver (including sterling & silverware), and jewelry. We pay top dollar for any gold, silver, platinum and jewelry in any condition and size.

How Do We Do It?
Our multi-cultural team of experienced professionals take delight in providing excellent customer service alongside high payouts. We pride ourselves on delivering 100% accurate weights at the time of transaction and best of all…WE PAY BY GRAM – NOT PENNYWEIGHT(gram is more than pennyweight)
There is only one proper way to determine the current value of any gold item. It is done by: (1) Determining the purity of gold in the item through an assay and (2) Knowing the current spot market price of gold which fluctuates up and down during any trading session. From these two steps, we arrive at the actual current value of the gold items our customers send to us. We do the same for silver and platinum items. Once we know this 100% value figure, we deduct a small percentage to cover our operational overhead and another modest percentage for profit. We are, after all, in business, and no buyer can pay you 100% of actual value and survive. Our cash offer will show you both the actual value of the property we received and how much we deducted to arrive at your payout.

What We Buy?

• New Jewelry
• Scrap Jewelry (including items missing stones)
• Wedding And Engagement Rings
• Class Rings
• Cluster Rings
• Brooches
• Dental Gold (with or without tooth remains)

Why wait any longer? Contact the experts today and get instant cash for your gold items. We assure you that you won’t be disappointed. See you soon!

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We Buy Timepieces and Pocket Watches Even If They Are Not Working!!!!!